July 20, 2024
Amaarae discusses how Alté music influenced Afrobeat
Amaarae discusses how Alté music influenced Afrobeat

The Ghanaian singer Amaarae has opened up about the impact of the Alté movement on Afrobeat music and the role it plays in the African music scene.

In an interview that went viral on Friday, April 5, 2024, Amaarae discussed how she saw the evolution of Afrobeat, citing industry heavyweight Wizkid’s critically acclaimed album Made In Lagos as an example of the Alté sound. She said the album as a whole embodies the Alté ethos, pointing to a change in the Afrobeat genre toward a synthesis of alternative elements.

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Amaarae’s astute analysis highlighted the crucial role Alté artists played in creating the modern Afrobeat sound.

Amaarae discusses how Alté music influenced Afrobeat

She claimed that popular Afrobeat musicians wouldn’t be able to connect with listeners on a local and international level if Alté artists weren’t around.

The whole Wizkid’s Made In Lagos album is like all Alté. Afrobeat sound now is what Alté was in 2015. If alté artist didn’t exist, Afrobeat artist wouldn’t have known how to make their music. They wouldn’t have known how to create that synergy like people in the western world will connect and relate to. I really think alté opened that up. She confirmed that alté means alternative to what the mainstream in Africa was. Twitter artists believe alté artist have an air of arrogance.

Amaarae said.


Amaarae also supported Alté’s meaning and affirmed that it is a viable alternative to the traditional mainstream music that is popular in Africa. She underlined that the Alté movement has contributed to the creation of a distinctive musical synergy that connects with a wide range of listeners across international borders.

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Even though the Alté movement has had a beneficial impact, Amaarae noted that some X artists think Alté artists are conceited. She did, however, stress how critical it is to acknowledge Alté as a respectable alternative voice in the African music scene.

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