July 20, 2024
Amaarae inks new contract with Bad Habit, Burna Boy's management


Amaarae inks new contract with Bad Habit, Burna Boy's management Pop-culture journalist Olele Salvador explained that Amaarae, whose meteoric rise began with the release of her album Fountain Baby, is set to join an illustrious roster of talents on Bad Habit’s roster, including Grammy Award winner, Burna Boy.

Amaarae, a Ghanaian singer, has inked a groundbreaking deal with Bad Habit, a distinguished label, management, and publishing company established in 2015.

This was revealed in a social media post on Thursday, April 4, 2024. Reknown for its partnerships with major labels like Atlantic Records, Warner Chappell, and the Alternative Distribution Alliance, Bad Habit offers artists unparalleled opportunities to flourish in the music industry.

Olele Salvador stated in an exclusive interview with Legit.ng that Amaarae is ready to aggressively enter new foreign markets, with an emphasis on Asian and South American regions, thanks to Bad Habit’s vast experience and global network.

We’ve witnessed Bad Habit’s role in shaping Burna Boy into the megastar he is today. With Amaarae, we anticipate strategic international collaborations and high-profile endorsements beyond music.

– Salvador remarked.

Amaarae’s daily activities, career plan, concerts, tours, and partnerships with Interscope, the record company that created Fountain Baby, will all be carefully managed under the roof of her new residence.

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Under Bad Habit’s direction, Amaarae’s past participation in major events like the Grammy Awards and VMAs paved the way for future international recognition. With this ground-breaking collaboration, Amaarae takes the lead in the international music scene and sets herself up for unmatched success and acclaim.

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