July 20, 2024
Bella Shmurda Promotes Acceptance of Tattoos
Bella Shmurda Promotes Acceptance of Tattoos
Bella Shmurda

Tattoo acceptance is something that Afrobeat musician Bella Shmurda promotes. In his words, getting inked does not mean that someone’s character is defined or the end of the world.

In his words, a person’s character is not defined by their tattoos. Parents in Lagos are becoming more receptive of tattoos, according to Bella Shmurda, and tattoos themselves are no longer a big deal. In a recent 90s Baby Show segment, the singer discussed tattoos and observed a change in viewpoint.

Even the elderly ones in Lagos have come to accept that they have done their part and we have to live our lives. The only wrong thing I see is committing crime but whatever other thing you do is fine, just don’t put yourselves in trouble. That’s the only thing with our parents these days, you can do what you like but don’t put yourselves in trouble. Tattoos are fine, in Nigeria now there are even some pastors that have tattoos, they are like ‘I like, I did it but my heart is pure.’ A tattoo doesn’t determine who I am, and I feel like everyone has grown.

– He said.

According to him, elder generations are now more accepting of bodily modification that was earlier looked upon. Parents are much more concerned with keeping their children out of trouble, Bella Shmurda continued. He disclosed that he currently has eighteen tattoos in all, even though his mother initially disapproved of his first one.

Having tattoos is not a new thing in Lagos anymore. This time religion does not dictate everything that you do anymore, our parents have grown to understand that there has been a shift and we have to live our lives.

– He said.


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