July 20, 2024
Davido intentions that fans should look forward to in 2024
Davido intentions that fans should look forward to in 2024

Some of Afrobeats star Davido’s intentions for 2024 have been made public. The anticipation of Davido’s future intentions has many of his admirers on edge.

Onstage at Billboard X Honda, the King of Afrobeats dropped his much awaited tune. He didn’t release the song, although he did tease it in 2023 with his classic album. Flex My Soul is the product of his collaboration with Lila Ike. A behind-the-scenes video entitled “Davido Welcomes All to His World of Music Honda Stage x Billboard” was released by Billboard, in which Davido reflects on his creative career.

In a brief interview, which he also provided, Davido discussed his goals for 2024. With the success of his Timeless Album and his Grammy nominations, people are enthusiastic about the big things that are ahead for him.

These are Davido’s intentions for 2024.


  • New Album

Davido said that the recording of his new album is complete during a live stream featuring American streamer Kai Cenat. He also disclosed that it has six artist features in addition to 15 songs. This album would be his fifth. He released a number of collaborations in January and March of 2024 already. He appeared on the songs “Easy On Me” by Logos Olori and “Twe Twe remix” by Kizz Daniel.

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  • US premiere of documentary and the global debut of Davido Music

Davido intentions that fans should look forward to in 2024

Viewers were given an inside look at Davido’s musical path. His mother’s numerous parties were an early influence, according to the King of Afrobeat. “My mom used to throw a lot of parties when I was young, and from there, it kind of formed into me loving music” , Davido stated. He provided a detailed account of his burgeoning profession to his supporters. Prior to pursuing a career as a solo musician, he was a producer. More documentaries, he has assured, would be released shortly. In addition, he is going to introduce the DMW to the US.

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  • Extension of the Timeless Tour:

Davido disclosed that he would be embarking on additional tours till the end of 2024. In April, he will go on his next tour. The megastar will be touring Florida, New York, and Canada. Tony Mix, Ding Dong, and Tayc will all be performing with him on stage. Davido returned home with his Timeless Tour in 2023. For Christmas, he gave performances in Lagos and Abuja.

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