July 20, 2024
"My song is meant to be in top 10, but too many farmers" - Blaqbonez

"My song is meant to be in top 10, but too many farmers" - Blaqbonez

Blaqbonez made the startling claim that some Nigerian musicians buy “fake streams” to artificially improve their songs’ positions on the Apple chart during an open interview with Cool FM Nigeria, which was co-hosted by reality personality Tacha.

"My song is meant to be in top 10, but too many farmers" - Blaqbonez
“My song is meant to be in top 10, but too many farmers” – Blaqbonez

Emeka Akumefule, better known by his stage name Blaqbonez, a Nigerian rapper, provided an eye-opening insight into the fascinating dynamics of the Apple Music Nigeria list.

The integrity and dependability of music charts in Nigeria’s thriving music industry have come under scrutiny as a result of Blaqbonez’s statement, which has also sparked debates.

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Rapper Blaqbonez claims that a substantial number of the top 20 songs on the Apple chart are not there due to actual popularity but rather because of deceptive streaming technology known as “streaming farms.”

People (some artists) are farming on Apple Music Nigeria. And it is upsetting to me. Open your phone right now, and check from number 10 to 20 and tell me if you know the songs there.

My song [Like Ice Spice] is meant to be top 10 there but there are too many farmers. I’m top 10 in all other platforms except Apple Music because people have identified that Apple Music is the platform that has the PR. When you announce that you are top 10, people ginger. So, people are now farming on that platform. People that are not anywhere else on any [other] platform, you will see them charting there. And it’s so upsetting.

Blaqbonez said.

The rapper Blaqbonez has brought attention to the need for openness and fairness in determining the genuine popularity of songs and artists by bringing attention to the frequency of “fake streams” and chart manipulation.

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A much-needed conversation on the difficulties experienced by sincere artists trying to stand out in the extremely competitive music industry has been sparked by Blaqbonez’s direct words.

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