July 17, 2024
Odumodublvck revealed what transpire at Poco Lee’s LASU Concert

Odumodublvck revealed what transpire at Poco Lee’s LASU Concert

On July 14, 2023, Poco Lee gave his eagerly anticipated homecoming concert. Nigerian singer and rapper Tochukwu Ojogwu, well known by his stage as Odumodublvck, has gone clean about what actually transpired.

Odumodublvck revealed what transpire at Poco Lee’s LASU Concert
Odumodublvck revealed what transpire at Poco Lee’s LASU Concert

Popular Nigerian dancer, hypeman, and socialite Poco Lee organized a headline event at his alma mater, Lagos State University, on July 13, 2023. He gathered intriguing musicians from all across the nation to excite the students.

Odumodublvck used the chance to explain the circumstances around a trending video that had generated a lot of interest during a guest appearance on the famed Big Friday Show on Cool FM.

The headies award contender revealed during a guest appearance on Cool FM’s The Big Friday Show that he wasn’t actually “running away,” as implied by the viral footage, but rather was only attempting to escape the crowd after finishing his performance.

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Following the disruption produced by hoodlums during the event, Odumodublvck’s apparent flight from a crowd of people during the viral video led to conjecture that he was rushing away from suspected cultists or some other kind of danger. The artist quickly corrected the record, stating that the real cause for his “escape” was very different from what had been assumed.

In the end, it became clear that the vivacious artist was not dodging any dangerous circumstances. Instead, he was attempting to get through the crammed event grounds where ardent admirers were impatiently awaiting his photo.

I wasn’t running, I was Jogging. I was tryna escape because when you take pictures with one person, you have to take with everyone.

he said.

Odumodublvck also discussed his new album, which would have 14 tracks and be released this year. The rapper from Abuja was raised. Declan Rice, Dog Eat Dog (Remix), with street-hop performer Bella Shmurda and Alte star Santi, and Fire Gun, featuring afrobeats sensation Fireboy DML, have all already been published by him and are all receiving outstanding streaming figures.

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Odumodublvck acknowledged at first being surprised by the scope of his trending status that day despite the online speculations that were circulating. Even he briefly wondered if the tales were true because they were so captivating.

The loud atmosphere at the location was merely a predictable side effect of holding an event at a school, he was adamant in his position, and he affirmed that there was no physical altercation.

I almost believed what they were saying but I was there, we didn’t fight anybody. The place was just so rowdy but it’s a school, so I didn’t expect anything less. When you’re done performing you have to get out of there immediately.

He said.

The performer freely accepted the story that surrounded the video, showing that he had a keen awareness of the workings of the entertainment business.

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In the realm of show business, even the most plain situations may occasionally take on a life of their own, so he understood the inevitable necessity to enthrall and sell a story.

What the show with Odumodublvck below

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